Most Anticipated Movies Should Watch By Telugu People

The one thing you cannot help notice about the Telugu film industry is its non-stop propensity to deliver abundant entertainment to its viewers. Elements such as lavish movie sets, peppy songs, foot-tapping dance moves, superb camera work, and production quality, combined with sublime on-screen performances, make the Telugu film industry a force to reckon with. Fans of actors thronged cinema halls in considerable numbers to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars on screen.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown provided a significant setback to the Telugu film industry. However, thanks to the OTT platform, it found a savior. When most people were sitting at home, with no access to movie theatres, several OTT platforms were busy working effortlessly to provide people their dose of entertainment. These OTT platforms enabled audiences to enjoy their favorite shows and watch movies online from their homes. The OTT platform served as a lifeline for the struggling Telugu film industry, which, once it found support, regrouped itself to entertain its viewers with outstanding productions.

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The Telugu film industry, in recent years, has seen some notable movie releases. In this section today, we will be reviewing one of the most anticipated movies Telugu people look forward to, AmmaRajjyam lo Kadapa Bidadu. With its well-written story, the film is a satirical drama that showcases serious and gripping political drama in Andhra Pradesh and is an out-and-out family entertainer. Let’s go ahead and review it.

The Storyline

The film is set in Andhra Pradesh. Jagannadh Reddy (Ajmal Ameer) is sworn in as the new CM of the state. His victory does not go down well with the opposition VeluguDesam party’s head Babu. Jagannadh Reddy gets going fulfilling his election promises, which leaves Babu and his son ChinnaBabu furious and insulted. At this time, Dayaneni Rama makes an entry and plots revenge against the ruling party. He even becomes successful in his intentions before suddenly getting killed. The remaining movie is about who murdered Dayaneni Rama and Jagannadh Reddy’s reaction.

The political drama has been set up nicely. Ajmal Ameer, with his body language and facial expressions, is superb in his role. Other actors in the movie also perform decently. However, the show-stopper is undoubtedly Dayaneni Rama, who plays PP Paul in the film. His comic timing and dialogue delivery are flawless.

The camera work has been done from different angles and looks excellent. The music, composed by Ravi Shankar, is good, and so is the background score. The production design and dialogues are decent. The screenplay, real-life happenings, and satire showcased by director RGV make the movie a compelling watch.


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